Back in November we got a plot in the community garden, and planted a bunch of seeds in hopes that we could get some stuff going before it got too cold.  Luckily, this winter has been very mild so far, but we did have a couple of hard freeze nights over the holidays.  I wasn’t able to get everything covered so I was afraid that my cute little sprouts had all frozen and withered.  BUT we went out there today and although we lost a couple of crops (cabbage, broccoli, and possibly scallions), most of what we planted still looks happy and healthy!  Hopefully over the next few months we’ll have lots of fresh onions, carrots, leeks, beets, red lettuce, green lettuce, cauliflower, garlic, and spinach to share with the food ministry and gobble up ourselves.  :oD  Of course I forgot the camera, so no pictures…but as soon as I can get back, there will be lots of pictures of green goodness to ooh and ahhh over.  ;o)