I’m officially declaring our first day a success!  It wasn’t perfect, but it was great and everything I could hope for.  Brody was very receptive and excited to learn, which was a huge relief because I was a little worried since one of the most common questions people ask is “How do you think your kid(s) will respond to you as a teacher rather than a parent?”.  The question didn’t really make sense to me since one of a parent’s main responsibilities is to teach (how to tie their shoes, look both ways before crossing the street, manners at the dinner table, etc), but I was still a little anxious about it.  I think as long as I respect his learning style and needs as a little boy that we’ll do just fine.  I don’t have to switch hats and become another person while I’m teaching, just like he doesn’t have to become a different person while learning.

Adelyn hasn’t been feeling well the past couple of days so she was a little clingy, but her interruptions didn’t throw us off track and I think she had fun working alongside Brody.  We got to read a couple of poems and short stories, color pictures of trees, explore the map and globe, as well as sort toys!  Part of me just wants to rush though this kindergarten review already and get to the meat and potatoes of first grade, but I know I need to keep the reigns pulled and stick with the plan to ease in.

All in all, it was an A+ experience and I look forward to many, many more to come.♥