Well, I knew these days would come but I honestly didn’t expect to be introduced so soon!  We had a crummy morning and a ‘less than magical’ school day.  :oO  We have a head cold going around so I overslept, Adelyn wasn’t feeling well, and Brody was what we call ‘melty’ from the moment he got out of bed.  He wasn’t grumpy per se, just teetering on the edge of falling to pieces over most everything.  And for some reason, whenever he’s in one of those moods, he also tends to forget the house rules which leads to getting in trouble more often, which then results in more meltiness.  Don’t worry, I know that’s not a real word, but just go with me here…I’ve had a rough morning.  ;o)

Ok, are you ready for the silver lining part?  We survived!  We accomplished what I had set out in the lesson plan, albeit it was a little later in the morning and technically behind ‘schedule’, but we were still able to have some fun and learn a few things.  And it looks like the sun is trying to peek out from behind the clouds, so some afternoon bounce time on the trampoline should be enough to shake the rest of the funk.

So to you, Mr. Bad Day, I say “Hello, nice to meet you…now skedaddle and don’t come back around for a while!”