Since we started on our homeschool journey, one of the most common questions I’m asked is “How are you going to find the time for all of that??”.  Realistically I had no earthly idea since I can’t rely on past experience, so I just went with my gut and responded, “We’re just going to have to make time”.

Ironically, that statement has held true!  This past week has been a crazy mess of meetings, AJ starting a new semester, and then topped off with a trip out of town for the weekend…phew.  But through it all, we managed to stay on top of most things (dishes and laundry don’t really count anyway, right??).  It also helps that we’re getting into our groove, it feels like the kids know what’s expected and are ready to participate when it’s ‘school time’.

I’ve figured out a few tricks for keeping Brody’s attention, and involving Adelyn to keep her busy.  Brody likes to have something to fiddle with while he’s listening, at first I thought it would just be distracting but it seems like it keeps his little hands busy so his mind can focus.  Adelyn just likes to be involved…she likes to sit at the table and write when Brody’s writing, or pipe in with random words from our conversation while we’re discussing something (but you have to be sure to acknowledge her by responding!).  My main responsibility is to be prepared.  As long as I take the time to prepare my lesson plans and have our materials ready to go ahead of time, we can transition smoothly from subject to subject and move through things with few disturbances.

On that note, I have to follow my own advice and sign off…as much as I’d like to dream about vegging out on the couch for a while and then going to bed a little early, or maybe getting caught up on the clean laundry that’s overtaking the living room, I’ll be heading to the table to plan our week and familiarize myself with our new math curriculum.  Wish me luck!  ;o)