Last year AJ got us a little pop-up greenhouse tent from a co-worker and we were able to grow some tomatoes, bell peppers, and green beans!  Unfortunately, the wind took it’s toll on the greenhouse and the grasshoppers had a good time feasting on every inch of green that was in there.  :o(  So this year, we’re upgrading!  After looking around at kits, pre-builts, and plans that are available, we decided to go ahead and build our own out of PVC pipe.  It’s going to be 9’x12′ with 6′ walls and 8′ to the peak and covered with a heavy duty clear tarp (which will hopefully withstand the elements out here!).  Plus, the design can be easily expanded to make it longer (by adding more center ‘rib’ sections) so if we outgrow the space, we have that option.

AJ had to work this weekend, but the kids and I were able to get off to a good start!  We got the entire base cut and assembled (AJ does get credit for helping me glue it though), and the pieces are cut for the dome roof but putting it on is a job for at least two adults so we haven’t gotten that accomplished just yet.

Obviously, we still have a lot of work ahead of us, but it’s so exciting to know that it’ll be ready for spring planting!!  I’m going to use the Square Foot Gardening approach to make the most of our little space, plus some Topsy Turvy strawberry and tomato buckets that I got on 75% off clearance last season.  :o)