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This is a little bit of a catch-up post since we went earlier this year, but I really wanted to share the adorable pictures and fun story.  We had the opportunity to tag along with some friends on a field trip that was sponsored by the local homeschool group (San Angelo Christian Home School Association – SACHSA) to the The Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center here in San Angelo.

They took us around and introduced us to the sheep they were raising to test out different feed and breeding programs.  They have figured out that different feeding programs can actually affect the number of babies conceived when breeding; and since some breeds are naturally more likely to have multiples, the richer feed encouraged this to happen more often.  One mama actually gave birth to twins during our tour!  We walked by and she was cleaning a newborn baby, and when we came back around she was nursing that one and cleaning another ♥

And here’s another gratuitous picture of adorable baby sheep, just because.

And later on in the tour the kids got to hold and pet some lambs that were a little older.

I don’t know how much the kids really absorbed about the programs and studies Agrilife was working on, but we all had fun seeing and interacting with the animals!  :o)


First of all, I’d like to apologize to my devoted readers for disappearing for a few months.  ;o)  We are doing well, and most definitely staying busy.  We found out that we are expecting baby #3, and he or she should be joining us around mid-October!  I’m about 20 weeks along right now and am very happy that my appetite and energy level are returning to more “normal” levels, hopefully it stays that way for the next 20 weeks.  :o)  Here’s a picture of our little one (we’re calling him or her Baby C, since we have an A and a B it seemed like the most logical choice!)

We’re going to wait until the birthday to find out if it’s a baby boy or baby girl, so we’ll have to have a fun guessing game for that as the date approaches.  I think the profile picture looks a little different that the other two kiddos, so I’m wondering if we’re going to have a little dark haired mini-daddy on our hands this time!

In other things; school is going well, we did have to take a little break at the beginning of the pregnancy when I wasn’t feeling well but we’re back on track now and plan on working through the summer so we can take our break to welcome the new baby this fall.  I do have some fun things to post about as I get caught up on the past few months, we took a field trip to the Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center as well as discovered a few exciting new ways to learn and use what we’re learning.

Our greenhouse is complete, but the weather around here has been much hotter than normal (we hit 110° –which is just 1° shy of the all-time high for our city– a couple of weeks ago!) so unfortunately it’s too hot to grow anything in there even with a shade cover and the windows opened up.  :o(  We do have quite a few things battling the heat and doing relatively well out at the community garden, including tomatoes, sweet and bell peppers, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, scallions, onions, carrots, green beans, and a watermelon vine!

The kids are growing like weeds, and doing great.  Adelyn knows all of her ABC’s and numbers, can count to eleven, and recognizes all of the basic shapes!  We’re working on potty training and making a little progress here and there, hopefully we can get that figured out before the baby comes.  Brody is devouring chapter books as fast as he can get his hands on them, he just finished up the Chronicles of Narnia series and is starting on Harry Potter, as well as making great strides in math (which has been a little bit of a struggle for him so far), and even graduated up to the top bunk!  We’re all healthy, happy, and making the most of the summer so far.  :oD  I’m glad to be back online and can’t wait to share more of our adventures with y’all.


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