Tonight we enjoyed a monastic inspired meal to complement our recent reading. We have been making our way through Kathryn Hinds’ The Church (Life in the Middle Ages) and found this idea on her website. Silence doesn’t really exist in our house, so we did skip out on that part. But we still had fun using our hands to sign “pass the bread” as is mentioned in the book! It was a great experience, the littles had fun and were very curious about why we were eating something so different than usual. Brody did a great job explaining to them about what he’s been learning, and we even assigned monastic roles to everyone in the family.

I only snapped one quick picture before everyone started digging in, but we also had fruit flavored water kefir as our wine and baked apples with honey for dessert. The main course was a loaf of fresh bread, a big hunk of cheese, green beans (two ways, roasted and steamed), carrots (two ways, roasted and steamed), and peas. It was a lot of fun, and I think we may have to continue to eat our way through history as we learn!