One evening the kids were cracking us up with the things they were saying, so I jotted them down and the list has continued to grow!  Here they are, for your reading pleasure.  :o)


Mom: Adelyn, please pick up these blocks and put them in the bin.

Adelyn: Adelyn can’t.  Adelyn have it small hands!


(while getting tucked into bed on christmas eve)

Brody: Mom, do we have any oats?!?

Mom: ummmm i can check

Brody: well we need some for santa’s reindeer…just take one of the breakfast packets and pick out the brown sugar then sprinkle it on the roof, ok?

Mom: sure thing honey (trying REALLY hard not to giggle)



Brody: i hope chico isn’t embarrassed…

Mom: what do you mean?

Brody: well, nona keeps calling him a her.


(in the middle of a conversation about police officers and following laws)

Brody: rules, rules, rules…rules make me think of eating bread.  rules sounds like rolls, rolls make me think of bread, and thinking about bread makes me think about eating it!

On a road trip…

Adelyn: Mommy look, car have it back-a-pack!! (pointing at the cargo carrier on top of the car)

Brody: Holy!

Adelyn: Cow!

(everyone starts laughing:)

Adelyn: Good one!


Adelyn: Mama, doing?

Mom: Driving…we have to go to the store, the garden, and the post office.

Adelyn: Ok.  Lots doings!


Adelyn: Mama, look!

Me: Good job…but, shoes don’t ever ever belong on the table, ok?

Adelyn: Ok mama.

Adelyn: <<pointing>> chocolate burrito please <<still pointing>>

Mom: Baby, i’m not sure what a chocolate burrito is, but you’re not having one for dinner…i’m sorry

Mom: Would you want to put those stinky toes in your mouth?

Brody: No…

Mom: Then please don’t rub your feet all over the mouthpiece of the recorder

Adelyn: Happy birthday Adelyn!  cupcake please.

Mom: Those aren’t birthday candles, they’re advent candles for baby Jesus.

Adelyn: Happy birthday baby Jesus!  cupcake please.

Brody: What part of a peanut is the seed?

Mom: The nut, the part that you eat

Brody: Oh cool!  can I plant this one?

Mom: No sweetie, the honey roasted ones won’t grow.