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As we were getting ready to start school this morning, Brody informed me that one of his guys was going to be joining us.  At first I was a little reluctant and in my head thought, “What??  No!  No toys at the table during school, absolutely not!”.  But then I took a second to breathe and laid down some ground rules…as long as he sat quietly and didn’t disturb Brody while he was working then he was allowed to stay, if he didn’t follow the rules then he’d have to go back to the playroom.  Brody agreed and we went ahead and got started.  Turns out he did sit quietly while we were working, and actually helped by keeping Brody from wandering away from the table when I needed to tend to Adelyn for a second.  The moral of the story is that sometimes it pays to listen to your kids and make a little extra room in your plans for their ideas!  ;o)

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of them working…♥


We’re officially starting school on Monday!  I’ve spent the past few months doing research, gathering materials, rearranging/decorating our school (dining) room and getting more and more excited about the impending change…and now it’s finally here!  :oD  Ok, ok, enough with the exclamation points.  ;o)

I’ve made my first lesson plan, jotted down a rough schedule of how I expect our mornings to go, and planned some fun outings for the week.  We’re starting out nice and slow, with a kindergarten review, to make sure that Brody isn’t missing any fundamental concepts of the curriculum before we jump head first into 1st grade.  For our core curriculum, we chose the Core Knowledge series; and will be supplementing that with the Singapore Math, Peterson Directed Handwriting, and All About Spelling programs.  The plan is to gradually incorporate each subject one at a time as we wrap up the review, but of course only time will tell how it actually works itself out.

My main goals are to create an environment where our children can develop their natural love for learning, and enjoy the process as much as possible.  Oh, and I can’t forget the part where I’m not supposed to get myself in a tizzy over the details like schedules, organization, and how on earth I’m going to keep the house in order.  ;o)

I thought a journal page would be a nice way to start the day, so I made a page that can be displayed individually or compiled in a folder/notebook.  I was looking for a layout that provided space for writing as well as drawing (Brody would much rather draw than write), but wasn’t having much luck so I made my own.  Feel free to make use of it, pass it along, etc.  It’s pretty plain, but could easily be spiced up with some clip-art or different colors.  For the plain pdf version click here, for the PowerPoint version that can be edited click here.

Here are a couple pictures of our little ‘classroom’  :oD


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