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It has (embarrassingly) been a few years since my last post, but I’ve been bitten by the blogging bug again so here I am! Life has been very exciting and full of blessings since then, with some major changes including babies and moves. (Plus a million other less significant yet also exciting things along the way.)

2014 bday collage

We are a family of six now, settled into a new home, and still homeschooling strong! Many of my passions are still the same, but have evolved a bit. I still enjoy teaching/learning, sewing, knitting, cooking, and baking, and have also added in a few other things like paper crafting, the occasional jog, and learning to play the piano. Our homeschooling has also evolved, and we are freshly on a new track of exploring and learning together. We have stayed true to Core Knowledge as our primary curriculum, but are now experiencing it from an entirely new perspective through literature and unit studies. I look forward to sharing much more about that soon! It has actually been quite a while since I have even visited the blog myself. After re-reading my old posts today, I am inspired to regain some of my prior focus on what I used to hold dear!

I look forward to embarking on the newest chapter of this journey, and I would be happy for you to join us!


This blog is my attempt at journaling our experiences, and sharing with others.  Over the past couple of years our family has started finding ways to simplify our lives and rediscover what’s really important to us.  2011 is going to be a big year, we’re going to start homeschooling (Brody: 1st grade & Adelyn : tag-a-long/preschool) as well as building our house!  We also hope to gradually become more self-sustaining by growing our own produce, and eventually raising our own chickens and goats (but I doubt we can fit them in this year).  It’s going to be an exciting journey and I welcome anyone who is interested in tagging along!


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